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Sexy ass Alicia Keys rides a thick cock

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Gorgeous Alicia Keys is one hot performer. Anyone who listens to her voice would be in awe, no doubt. But there’s more to this hot momma than just her talent in singing because she also has fine skills in the bedroom. Taking a break from some of her tours, she likes to chill with her partner and do something fun behind the curtains for a change. This is her way of recharging and probably moaning and screaming while riding a thick shaft kinda massages her throat a little. Wonder no more as to where she gets that powerful voice on stage. But we won’t be hearing her sing in this video because there’s more groaning and moaning and watching her ass so close to your face will make you feel like it’s your hard dick that she’s humping on.

Alicia Keys rides a thick cock

You’d desperately want to grab those round cheeks and press her harder on your cock, making her grind those hips like she’s drilling a hole on the ground. Such a fun thing to watch, her rough motions while fucking that boner. It’s like she’s running a marathon and didn’t even bother taking her top off and just riding away to keep herself and her partner satisfied. If you need to ask what is this song she sings about a woman’s worth, well, this video kinda gives a hint that she’s worth all the pleasure that she wants. Not just praises when you love her tunes, but you’ll fall for her charm when you hear a different kind of tune when she rides a dong like a wild cowgirl. Enjoy her full fuck video here and discover her skills in driving her man insane.

More various sleazy images of Alicia Keys doing the nasty deed

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The pictures just keeps on coming and we are slowly unravelling the other side of Alicia Keys’ private life and we believe that there are other things that keeps her busy aside from tinkering on her piano and writing songs during her spare time. These little keepsakes of her sexcapades has been out in the open for some time and we managed to get some of her sleazy images and there are literally tons of various sexual situations wherein Alicia shows off her kinky side and voila! You get nothing but pure hardcore action all captured in vivid detail.

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Raunchy hardcore pictures of Alicia

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Just when you thought Alicia Keys was keeping a low profile on her personal life and other stuff that the public did not know, think again! Someone had leaked these controversial images of Alicia and this is more explicit than those naked pictures you have seen earlier. This time, Alicia gets to play with this lucky bunch of guys for one hardcore sex play that will leave your jaws dropping to the ground and wonder if she could pull off something as sleazy as getting your picture taken while enjoying some hard fucking inside the bedroom. And here are some of those hardcore pictures that we would like to share to all of you.

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Alicia Keys’ smoking naked pictures

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

We have something here that might interest you and it will come as a big surprise for you adoring Alicia Keys fans out there because we have uncovered some of the most revealing pictures of the Princess of Soul in the nude and this something people all around will be talking about once these naked pictures of Alicia Keys gets out in the open and it will be one helluva media frenzy for all of those craving for something really intriguing most especially when it involves someone as big as this female R&B artist. We have managed to acquire a huge amount of these photos and Alicia is just so hot without her clothes on and she looks even more stunning with that beautiful face she has.

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